Besides the opening of the Boškinac restaurant on April 12, the beginning of the new season in the fresh and redesigned ambient, we are very happy to announce the opening of the hotel on April 19 and the tavern on 26.4.

Just like every year, in the seasonal menu – you will recognize certain magic in the
mastery that our chef Matija Bregeš is recognizable for. We have already informed you about that in detail and for this purpose – we are only stating that you will get a chance to taste – one more time – everything that Boškinac is internationally famous for.

The spectrum of delicacies within the tasting menu is very extensive.
Thanks to the world-class education and internships in the most prestigious European restaurants, Matija is able to recognize a potential for the experiment and for combining the tradition with the contemporary culinary trends – when it comes to the famous Pag lamb, as well as to the different variations of the meals based on the seafood.

Of course, there is still a room left for your curiosity. Reading and listening about the sequences of delicacies is certainly not the same as tasting them in the peaceful and harmonious island environment with the soothing wines from our cellar.
Having in mind the needs and wishes of our guests who have been sharing the most
precious moments with us for years, we have envisioned and created an ideal spring getaway from everyday life and named it simply – Perfect spring getaway. Within that arrangement, you will find everything that keeps you coming back to us.

Thereby, if you haven’t already – book your place in the spring oasis that will open its door to you in several days.

We are looking forward to sharing another beautiful spring with you.