The summer is here and the cocktail season has begun in Boškinac. The bar is open and young and talented Zvonimir Lovrenčić has a leading role there. After the professional education in Nekić Barology school, he worked as a brand ambassador for the famous brands such as Beluga vodka, Delamain Cognac and Botran rums. Two years ago, he started working for Boškinac as a barman and mixologist. That is where he got his chance to work with something he truly believes in with the support of his closest acquaintances. He is very grateful to Boris and Mirela Šuljić. Some of his favourite associations with the Boškinac story are the guests and people who contacted him on Facebook from Zagreb and the rest of the world. For him, those are the best professional results and he retells them with great enthusiasm. For him and for many guests, Boškinac is the most beautiful summer oasis on Pag. This summer, Boškinac cocktail bar will be a place where you can enjoy the high-quality cocktails.


This year, there are many novelties in Boškinac bar. One of the most attractive ones is gin tonic from Pag. It is a variation of the classic gin tonic. Zvonimir came up with the idea to macerate gin in Boškinac – with the components exclusively from Pag to get every aroma, flavour and taste and to combine them with tonic. There are two kinds of tonic: bergamot and classic. Guests can choose – among many gins and everything he has collected in his portfolio as a person who has spent many years behind the bar. Now, he is at the point in which he doesn’t want to follow the trends. Instead, he creates new ones within high-quality, visually specific products. Gin tonic from Pag is a wonderful story, refreshing summer cocktail that retells everything from Pag – in a single glass. If we counted the preparation details, spices and ingredients such as citruses, natural citrus oils, local herbs, decorative plants, indigenous fruits – we could write a book. It is important to underline that gin tonic from Pag should be served exclusively with the olive oil from Pag.


Another great novelty is Bonaparte with four sorts of rum. Again, association with Pag is a motivation because rum evokes the island memories for many of us. We all know where the rum comes from – the beaches, relaxation and atmosphere. When he speaks about Bonaparte, Zvonimir speaks about combining the worlds. He combined vermuth with four rums to include Italy in the story. The third ingredient is from France –cognac liqueur.  Four rums are white, golden, dark and macerated. Macerated one is combined with pineapple. This gives the sweetnes and a special finish to the drink and makes it so special. Red vermouth is another important ingredient with the flavours of Italy, sea and olive oil. Rum evokes Latin American style, relaxation and Cuban cigars. The third world is France with cognac macerated with a tangerine. This makes Bonaparte a combination of four different rums, cognac liqueur with tangerine maceration and red vermouth. There are two ways to serve it. The cocktail will be kept in American oak barrels. On the other hand, Zvonimir will also prepare it in front of the guests. This is how they will get a chance to decide what they want to try. The combinations are excellent because people are starting to get familiar with the cocktails and to truly enjoy.


Besides the stars of the year – gin tonic from Pag and Bonaparte, in Boškinac bar, you can also enjoy the classic cocktails such as Negroni. Zvonimir adds his creative touch to all of them. While preparing Mojito, instead of the regular brown sugar, he uses the brown sugar syrup and mint. He changed the recipe for Daiquiri to make it more potable. Skilful play with the ingredients and the structure of the famous cocktails is on the basis of his author approach. It also adds value to the offer in Boškinac bar. That is why we are inviting you to join us and to choose your summer story. Cheers!