Lena Šarić, pastry chef in the restaurant kitchen in Boškinac begins her working day around noon. She prepares the desserts from the standard seasonal menu. At this point, those desserts are an almond cake with lemon, popular “apple”, and pear with pistachio. Besides that, the dessert menu in Boškinac offers several additional choices such as raspberry croquette, dehydrated apple crust, almond croquette and lemon cream.

Just like any other part of the menu in Boškinac, sweet ingredients change dependable on the season. The combinations of fruits, chocolate, creamy pralines and nuts are different every year. Besides classical crispy and creamy desserts from the menu a la carte, the sweet part of the menu includes preparation of the sweet pastries for breakfast every day. They are served with the bread, cheeses, meat delicacies, curd and sweet spreads such as homemade apple and fig marmalade.

The ingredients and the methods of preparation of the desserts show how much Boškinac cares about the dialogue with the local gastro tradition. Quite often, you can see different reconstructions and variations of traditional cakes enriched by contemporary elements, local fruits and ingredients such as famous curd from Pag. The citrus fruit aromas are also unavoidable. In this way, the island tradition is preserved throughout all courses on the menu from the starters to the desserts.

The favourite dessert among the guests – this year – is a reconstruction of traditional apple strudel. It is on the seasonal tasting menu. Popular “apple” is one of the seasonal novelties. There are also pre-desserts and pralines. Lena has been working in Boškinac for three years and she says that sweet part of the menu changes from season to season as well as any other part. Together with the unforgettable apple strudel, the guests are delighted with the sweet cane cream, white chocolate ball, pistachio and pear dessert and a rich combination of the almonds with lemon and Pag curd.

Besides dessert part of the menu, in the restaurant’s kitchen, the bread is prepared on a daily basis together with traditional sweets and pastry from such as paški baškotin. Breakfast in Boškinac is special because it is based exclusively on local ingredients and tradition. It offers something of every part of the tradition that Pag is well known for on the world’s gastronomy maps. Traditional recipes are as important here as in any other part of the menu. In this way, desserts, pastry and breakfast sweets are always results of creative interplay with traditional recipes from Pag.  Continuity of work on the new recipes, seasonal meals, delicious and eye-catching creative interplays of contemporary elements with tradition – in Boškinac, we want to show how much this island can offer whether it comes to the main courses, desserts or breakfast pastry.