Traditionally, Easter is the time when Boškinac cellar is finishing the final preparation for placing the new products on the market. Likewise, all the wines that need to age more in the bottles are stored in a special storing cellar because their aging period is longer. They are kept in the wooden barrels because of the extended aging period.

This year also, we have a fresh Rose based on 100% of Merlot. Cultivation and vinification were very meticulous without maceration. Therefore, we have very tender colour and brilliantly fresh fruity aromas. The structure of vine is also very tender with low alcohol percentage. It is an excellent company to the light meals in the hot summer nights. Besides that, our white Boškinac cuvee is among the fresh wines, as well as among those that still need some time for aging in the bottles. This cuvee is produced from Gegić, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Traditionally, this wine is structurally very complex, it lasts longer and it has more lipid content. It is a great companion to seaside meals, as well as to spicy dishes with complex sauces. White Boškinac is the wine that, after several years of aging in the bottle, gets a great quality and it is very interesting to observe its development through the years.

This year, we are placing the new Ocu (originally from 2017) on the market. It is organic wine produced without sulphur and based exclusively on autonomous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation. Same as the previous editions, this wine has gone through the 21 days of maceration and aged in the 550 litres wooden barrels with the noble yeasts. This year, we are bottling this wine in the 0,75 litres packages. It is important to stress out the fact that amount of this wine is limited and we are not able to produce it every year because of the fractious temper of Gegić on which it is based. Gegić is an androgynous wine, but not as modern sorts. During the blossom period, it is very sensitive and often unequally fertilised.  These circumstances raise the wine’s value and it is a great success to produce Ocu just as we originally imagined it – as a dedication to our father, Josip Šuljić Boškinac and all of our fathers who produced the great quality wines on our islands.

From the last year’s harvest, we have produced two new Viaz sparkling wines. They are classical brut and rose sparkling wine. They are bottled and will have to age for 1 to 5 years on the yeasts in our underground cellar next to the hotel Boškinac. Viaz brut is based on Gegić, Igni blanc and Chardonay, and Viaz rose is based on Merlot. Our most famous Boškinac, black cuvee is waiting for the bottling after which it will spend 6 months of aging period in our cellar. Our most famous brand needs longer period of aging in the bottles. This year we are also bottling Boškinac 2016 which means that 16 266 bottles of this wine will be placed on the market just before the Christmas. Among the other novelties, we would like to mention our excellent Prosecco that was on the market last year. It is produced as a combination of two methods that are widespread in Dalmatia. By combining the method of berries desiccation with raising the must’s density, we produce a Prosecco from Merlot. It is a great company to the more intense sweets from caramels and chocolate.

Among many brandies that have newly been placed on the market last year, we would like to mention our Grappa Reserva that has spent eight years of aging period in the wooden barrels that have been previously used for our black Boškinac. Many people who have already tasted this amazing digestive like to compare it to the finest cognacs and the old rums. We are also offering Gegić 2017, Ocu 2015, Boškinčić 2017 and several wines that you already are familiar with. They are also among good reasons to visit our cellar and enjoy these high quality wines from the Island of Pag.

Boris Šuljić Boškinac