This is a poem about Boškinac – written for us by the architect Ana Penavić.

After 15 years of successful work, Hotel and winery Boškinac are entering the new season with a new and redesigned look. As the first Croatian small and luxury gastro hotel with the winery, we invested a lot in developing the most quality skills and knowledge within this project. Together with our diligent employees and amazing guests, we keep writing our beautiful Boškinac story. It is time to bring some fresh energy to the house.

The decision to redesign the hotel was a logical choice. We felt the weariness and communication deficits in some of our interiors and wanted to energetically redefine them. We are always especially excited about sharing new and fresh energy with our guests. The motive behind our decision was the constant desire for excellence in all aspects of our work. Designs aimed at the full and very detailed renovation in order to make you feel comfortable in our rooms, hotel lobby, restaurant and during your meals. While deciding on the materials for the redesigned zones, we took our tradition and Island of Pag into account. As always, the dialogue with indigenous nature, climate and geography were very important. We aimed at sending out the message that we are aware of the surroundings – Pag and Novalja Field – the source of life that connects us to our ancestors. We took care of presenting the artworks inspired by our amazing island and the aromatic Mediterranean that we deeply and permanently belong to. Because of all of that, we are looking forward to seeing your reactions to the new Boškinac.

The idea was born three years ago and the plans started two years ago. We hired the architect Ana Penavić for the project and had a very pleasant time while working with her. The long-term planning and arrangements with materials and construction work allowed us to feel relaxed when it came to choosing the best materials for our house.  Now, at the end of this journey, we are very excited to see the results of our plans and projects. We reassessed all of our decisions and choices several times. They are based on our rich experience in this business and there are no doubts about the excellent results.  The opening of our new Boškinac is planned for April 12. We look forward to sharing our joy with all of our dear friends and visitors.

When you arrive at the redesigned Boškinac, your hosts – Mirela and Boris Šuljić – will be the first ones to welcome you. Furthermore, you will be welcomed by our kind and diligent staff – headed by our chef Matija Bregeš, sous chef Leo Aličević and pastry chef Lena Šarić. Our kind waiters Domagoj Zorbas and Domagoj Novačić have graduated from several sommelier courses and passed several exams which makes them qualified to answer all of your wine questions, curiosities and interests. Our receptionist Marko Kurilić will also greet you warmheartedly, as well as our hardworking house-maids Ana and Jela. They will do their best to make your stay at Boškinac perfect. We are well aware of how demanding our dear guests are and we know that you have all the rights to expect the best from us. Therefore, we feel responsibility and professional enthusiasm about answering your demands in the most beautiful and the most convenient ways in order to provide you with a pleasant environment and to share unforgettable memories with you.


Yours truly,

Mirela and Boris Šuljić.