An exclusive announcement of the seasonal menu for the spring-summer 2019

Young culinary star, this year’s winner of the prestigious Gault&Millau “Great Chef of Tomorrow” award, Matija Bregeš is very busy due to the approaching opening of the new and redesigned Boškinac. For three previous winters, Matija worked as an intern in the world-class restaurants. After Azurmendi in Spain and De Libria in the Netherlands, he spent the last winter in one of the most progressive restaurants in the world – Gernium in Copenhagen. These days, besides the lively everyday communication with the providers of the fresh and seasonal groceries and patient search for the local herbs, he is also working on the new tasting menu, as well as on the menu à la carte. Even the most discerning palates will be thrilled by the offer. In this exclusive announcement, we are presenting only some of the dishes from Matija’s master workshop. It is the same workshop that Boškinac is recognizable and famous for on the international culinary scene.

As usual, we are paying special attention to the choice of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Gastro diversity of the Island of Pag with the wider region, including Lika and Zadar hinterland, is mindfully incorporated in the menu. This means constant work on the new and unique combinations of the culinary tradition with the most contemporary gastro techniques.

You will spot a recognizable level of the innovation and experiment in the brave combinations within the tasting menu’s courses – based on the chef’s selection. After an overture – “three salutations from the cuisine” – the variations of the starters based on the famous Lun olives, rare local shells and lamb tongue, the following course is boldly envisioned Pag carbonara. In that meal, the cuttlefish takes over the role of the pasta and fried mutton takes over the bacon’s role. It is all accompanied by the special Pag cheese foam. Seaweed provides the maritime basis for the savoury buzara sauce with shells, while the salsify functions as the main course with well-balanced seasonal-herbs crème with garlic, pepper, parsley, cardamom and celery-stew as the side dish bringing an earthly component to this phase of the tasting menu.

Experiment and tradition are pervading in the sweet-sour Dalmatian pašticada sauce based on the bovine meat from the Lika cattle – buša. Fruity notes, coming from the apples, prunes and dried figs, are blending with the wine and spicy components in the sauce, while the carefully pondered heat treatment secures the crunchy effect of the crust cladding the soft, medium-rare steak. This year, people who love and respect Boškinac will have an opportunity to taste a new and very progressive kind of carpaccio made from the fresh local fish.

Two ways of preparing the octopus are as alluring as everything else on the menu. For the tripe-soup with the mushrooms from Lika, Matija combines earthly notes with the dried octopus’ meat and nettle cream with local herbs. The meat for the boil-up octopus’ stew has been dried and cured in grapevine leaves. The acid in the sauce has been neutralised due to the specially prepared wine foam based on the well-known Boškinčić.

Though we have all the rights to believe that people in Boškinac already know everything about the preparation of the famous Pag lamb, they managed to find a way to surprise us with the fantastic suckling-lamb loaf. In addition to this meal, the guests will have the opportunity to choose among the six sorts of the Pag salt.

Besides the tasting menu, we are also looking forward to getting to the dessert course, but let us leave some surprises for the end. Suffice it to say that the sweet part of the menu deserved the same amount of the effort and passion as everything else when it came to choosing and combining the ingredients.

As usual, a choice of course and delicacies will be accompanied by the premium wines selection.