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Dear bloggers around the world: Welcome to the first Boškinac blog post!
Who are we and what do we do? Some of you have probably heard of us (well, we certainly hope so) and for those who didn’t, here it is!

We are a winery, a restaurant and a hotel in Croatia, located on a magnificent island off the Adriatic coast called Pag. On the island, there is a beautiful city called Novalja. Novalja is surrounded by vast fields, where locals have been planting vines and a vast array of fruits and vegetables for centuries.

Boškinac winery and restaurant

boskinac restaurant

Right there surrounded by pine trees and olive groves, Boris Šuljić Boškinac had a vision that some would call crazy, a vision of a beautiful oasis in the middle of these vast fields, where people could come and discover all that it had to offer, from local wines to traditional cuisine surrounded by a certain mesmerizing tranquility only nature could offer.

Boris was always a man ahead of his time. He opened the first beach club, Kalypso, on the world-renowned beach of Zrće, in Novalja. A strong passion and dedication to excellence has lead Boris in everything he undertakes. He has always stayed true to his roots and the rich traditions of Novalja, as taught to him by his beloved father and grandfather, respecting the old ways, but interpreting them from a modern perspective.

His passion for wines also gave him the idea to build a winery. Winemaking is a tradition upheld by the Boškinac family and it was important to Boris to continue this tradition. He planted 30 000 vines on 6 hectares of land. Depending on the season, the vineyards yield thousands of kilograms of grapes, which translates to roughly 45 000 bottles of fine wine per year.

Eventually a tavern was built for people who wanted to try his and other wines. The tavern serves among other delicacies, a world renowned cheese, which also happens to be a local one, called “Paški sir” or Pag cheese. Dalmatian prosciutto is also available to compliment the different local wines offered at the tavern, offering a truly unique experience.

The Hotel and restaurant opened its doors for the first time back in 2001. The restaurant serves traditional local cuisine. The menu includes delicacies such as lamb, cheese and fish, prepared with local ingredients. There is also a garden near the hotel which includes all types of fruits and vegetables. We produce our own olive oil and this year we even harvested our first strawberries (and served them to our guests at breakfast)!

Boškinac hotel

boskinac hotel croatia

The hotel has 8 luxurious rooms and 3 suites with an outdoor swimming pool and baldachins, where guests can enjoy the day lounging poolside with a glass of fine local wine and a good book, or enjoy one of many types of massages offered in the baldachin. There is also a playground for younger guests.

Today, some 14 years later, Boris and his team strive in making your dreams into reality. With his vision and hard work, who knows what the future holds!

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