Boškinac Winery: A Unique Experience with Croatian Wines

Did you know that winemaking is a Pag tradition that dates back to the Romans?
People from the Island of Pag are extremely proud of their winemaking roots which includes some of Croatia’s best wines. On the Island, Boškinac is the largest and best known wine producer.

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The winery is where everything began for Boškinac and is considered an integral part of the Boškinac experience. It represents both Boškinac’s cultural as well as family heritage, where every aspect of winemaking and art form is appreciated from an entirely unique perspective.

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This can be best illustrated by Gegić, a white wine and type of grape unique to the Island that was on the verge of extinction. Boris Šuljić, owner of Boškinac, took matter into his own hands and made it his mission not only to save Gegić from extinction, but to make it a world class white wine. This proved to be extremely challenging, but the end result is nothing short of spectacular, so much so that today, Gegić is Boškinac’s signature wine.
Boris Šuljić once said: “With Gegić, I am constantly researching and testing different variations to achieve optimality. Every wine leaves room for exploration, and is therefore subject to an ongoing process of betterment. Gegić also offers excitement, and so the story of this wine continues to evolve. I believe that in time, more and more Pag winemakers will get involved, which in turn, will increase the production of this truly unique wine.
Boškinac 2012, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is considered by many as one of Croatia’s best red wines. The wine is very popular and in high demand, however production will not increase in the future, for fear of compromising quality, which is paramount to Boškinac.

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Boškinčić (loose translation: mini Boškinac) is a younger red wine (2014) and is also a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Besides being a younger wine, Boškinčić is a blend of Merlot (85%) while Boškinac has a ratio of about 55/45.
Another exquisite white wine is OCU which means “To my father”, a wine Boris dedicated to his father and ancestors. It is a blend of Gegić, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Debit.
ROSE, made entirely from Merlot was first produced in 2014 and very quickly became one of the guests’ favorite wines, especially during the summer because of its elegant and refreshing taste.
The winery also produces dessert wines and different types of brandy: honey (medica), herbs (travarica), grapes (grappa) and figs (smokovaća).
At this point, I would like to mention something brand new that will be available in the near future at Boškinac: Sparkling Wine (Pjenušac)! This is only a sneak peek; the best is yet to come…

boškinac tavern
Wine tasting is offered at the Boškinac tavern where you can learn all about our different wines and everything you ever wanted to know about our traditions and history in the art of winemaking. Wine tasting is offered daily, reservations are required and can be made individually or for groups. The tavern can accommodate up to 70 people where special traditional dishes are prepared under the bell, such as octopus, seafood, lamb or veal.
The tavern is an excellent place to plan events such as weddings and birthdays, where you and your friends or professional associates/clients can enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.
Wines for the most refined of palates can be enjoyed by all who appreciate the taste of accomplishment, overcoming insatiable desires, survival, overcoming the sense of inevitability, such tastes are encompassed in truly unique wines available at Boškinac.

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