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Excellence star

On Friday March 24th, 2017, the 3rd G.E.T. Report conference was held at the stunning Principovac castle located in breathtaking Ilok. link
The topic was on developing different strategies with regards to promoting eno gastro tourism in Croatia. The conference was very interesting and educational, thanks in part to expert speakers in the fields of tourism and enology.
 The G.E.T REPORT conference also took the opportunity to hand out awards with respect to wineries. Boškinac received the G.E.T REPORT’s highest award, the coveted “EXCELLENCE STAR” representing excellence in wineries.
We thank the G.E.T report for their effort and well organized event. We would also like to commend and thank the G.E.T report on their ongoing effort in further developing and promoting eno gastronomy in Croatia and of course for including our winery as one of the top wineries in Croatia. For more information visit G.E.T. Report and
We wish them many successful conferences in the future