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The wine cellar has always been the backbone of the lives of the Šuljić and Boškinac families. The varieties of grape have changed over the years, wars have passed through the Novalja field – but the vineyards have left an indelible trace of survival, and the production of wine has been nurtured here for centuries. To remain on the rocky terrain, and to continue walking along the trails of our forefathers has been a constant in the life of this family, from granddad Boškinac to his grandsons. Some ten years ago, a new period began on the foundations of tradition. The Boškinac Winery was built in 2000, and that same year, a new vineyard was planted near the winery on 5 ha of land. Considering that for millennia, people have used wine to feed, refresh and heal themselves, the wall of the attractive winery bears the famous quote of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” At Boškinac, we apply what people have known since times immemorial – that in moderate quantities, wine, especially red, truly benefits the health and the spirit.


“With Gegić, I am in the constant process of researching the optimal variations, with regard to my philosophy and with what people expect from something indigenous. Every wine leaves room for exploration, this is always an ongoing process. Gegić also offers excitement, and the story of this wine continues. I believe that in time, more and more Pag wine makers will get involved, as this would ensure the most rapid progress.”
- Boris Šuljić, a true lover of good wine.


The Boškinac red wine has always been among Croatia’s best wines, and the whites are specific as a combination of indigenous and global varieties. Good wine, according to those who admire this divine nectar, begins in the vineyard, and the awards received to date are the result of the hard work and love for this unique profession. In the competitions World in a Glass and Večernji List, the wines Boškinac 2006, Boškinac 2007 and Boškinac 2009 were given the highest marks. According to the assessments of some of the most reputed Croatian and international wine critics and sommeliers, the Boškinac red is consistently among Croatia's best wines.

Numerous recognitions for the Boškinac hotel

Hotel Boškinac is winner of the Blue Flower award of the Croatian National Tourism Board, the first Adriana award in 2007 for the best small hotel in Croatia according to a survey by the Slobodna Dalmacija daily newspaper and the nation's largest tour operator We are recipients of a special recognition of the CNTB in 2008 for special contributions in decoration for the hotel’s indigenous ambience, and numerous city and county recognitions for our contributions to tourism. The Boškinac Winery has long been reputed as one of Croatia's best, and our wines are poured in the most prestigious restaurants and have received many national awards and recognitions.

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