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Are you looking for a perfect venue, ambience, decorations, specially conceived music, carefully created menu and a photographer that can eternalise your dream day? If so, the answer is – Boškinac. Enjoy the unique venue and landscape of the hotel, whose staff and owners will ensure that you experience the most romantic moments of your dream wedding. The wedding will be planned and carefully executed to the finest detail, in a romantic ambiance and with a magnificent menu. We will take special care to ensure that your wedding celebration is a string of many magical moments. The outdoor terraces, restaurant or tavern are available. In the midst of the Novalja field, just 200 m from the hotel, is the Chapel of St. Anthony, while the Chapel of St. Mary is another excellent choice, just 500 m from the hotel on the seaside. The spirit of times long past and their simplicity will enhance the intimacy and romance of your wedding. Let this day be yours alone, and may you celebrate it in joy and happiness.

Entrust your wedding to Boškinac and the romance of the landscape.
Beginning of the day can start in Tavern Boškinac as a welcome and aperitif hour.
Octopus salad, tuna sashimi, shrimp cocktail, meat balls, bruschette, meat and fish finger food, canapés, marinated and salted anchovies, olives, Dalmatian prosciutto, Pag cheese, seasonal vegetables and salads, spring rolls, beef tartar, fruits sticks.
150 kn per person

We can make your wedding cake and help you to create the nicest one with best option of flavours and icing.
Wedding cake
35 – 55 kn per person

As a late night dish you can also choose
Wine goulash
80 kn per person

Specially created wedding menus you choose only one in between this offer

Menu 1
Lamb and beef soup with noodles
Boiled lamb and beef meat with braised potatoes and sauerkraut
Traditional pasta macaroni with beef stew
Roasted lamb and potatoes, seasonal salad and young onion
470 kn per person
Platter serving

Menu 2
Fish soup
Homemade gnocchi with veal and mushrooms stew
Adriatic fish fillet with swiss chard and potatoes
Veal and pork under the lid, roasted potatoes and seasonal salad
530 kn per person
Platter serving

Menu 3
Seasonal vegetables cream soup with Gnudi made with fresh ricotta cheese from Pag island
Adriatic squid with polenta
Lamb stew with peas
Roast Veal knuckle with potatoes gratin
510 kn per person
Serving on plate per person

Menu 4
Sailor’s octopus
Homemade tagliatelle with chicken stew and truffles
Turbot with cauliflower
Porchetta with mushrooms stew and potatoes
560 kn per person
Serving on plate per person

Menu 5
Fine Adriatic scampi soup
Cuttlefish ragout with gnocchi made of semolina
Octopus on wild herbs cream
Duck breast on young vegetables with citrus fruits
The best of Pag lamb
720 kn per person
Serving on plate per person

Menu 6
Three sea tartare
White roots
Dry octopus ragout with organic egg yolk
Hake fish with scampi
Lamb roulade with caramelized carrot cream
740 kn per person
Serving on plate per person

After 1am service is extra charged 100Kn per waiter per hour.
Usually after 1am, 4 waiters remain in the service.

The following are available for guests and the wedding party at Boškinac:
  • venue
  • food and drinks
  • decorations
  • music
  • photographer
  • registrar, priest
  • hair styling services
  • make up
  • manicures
  • pedicures
  • ironing

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