5 Reasons to Visit Pag Island

olive tree pag

Well, I guess the first thing that comes to mind when talking about reasons to visit the Island of Pag is Zrće, the world renowned beach and its clubs, festivals and parties. I could write about it extensively, but I think I’ll leave that for another time and concentrate on things that you may not […]

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The Island of Pag

boskinac pag island

The feeling you get when you first set foot on the Island of Pag, Croatia, can be best described as something “out of this world”, a feeling that you just landed on some uncharted planet surrounded by rocks and craters, the landscape completely void of greenery. The sight is absolutely breathtaking, something straight out of […]

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Launching Blog Boškinac!

boskinac hotel pag

Dear bloggers around the world: Welcome to the first Boškinac blog post! Who are we and what do we do? Some of you have probably heard of us (well, we certainly hope so) and for those who didn’t, here it is! We are a winery, a restaurant and a hotel in Croatia, located on a magnificent […]

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