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Dear guests!

Thank you for your visit and confidence that you showed with your arrival. This year, as in all previous years, we prepared lots of new dishes with which we ll try to interpret the tradition and the gastro potential of our island. Our chef Matija Bregeš, his entire team and I attentively explored many known and some less known products to bring colours, flavours and scents of the island of Pag to your palate and plate.

Our permanent mission is to check and preserve all the sublimity of the goods which are either donated to us by our ancestors and nature itself or are the result of the devoted work of our suppliers.

We believe you will enjoy the choice of dishes that we have prepared for you season 2019 and hope you ll recognize our commitment, passsion and skills.

We wish you a pleasant sojourn at Boškinac!

Respectfully yours,



Boris Šuljić – Boškinac

Wine list


On our wine list, the greatest emphasis is placed on the house wines of the Boškinac winery. Our mission and our menu are strongly focused on the way we offer dishes that are best paired with our wines. In addition to the house wines, our wine list also includes the most significant Croatian wines, as our mission also aims to present the most exciting developments on the Croatian wine scene. Our head sommelier and waiters will always be at your service to help you select the perfect wine.
BOŠKINAC WINES served at the restaurant

Gegić white (Gegić - indigenous variety) 2016 0,75l  150,00kn

Gegić white (Gegić-indigenous variety) 2017 0,75l   150,00kn

Boškinac white (Gegić, Chardonnay, Sauvignon) 2014 0,75l   210,00kn

Chardonnay 2016 0,75l 180,00kn

Sauvignon 2016 0,75l 180,00kn

Ocu 2015 1,5l  900,00kn

Boškinac cuvee (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot) 2015 0,75l  390,00kn

Viaz (sparkling wine) 2014 0,75l    250,00kn

Dessert wine 0,5l  100,00kn

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