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The culture of distilling brandies has always been present here. In addition to wine, olive oil and vinegars, our forefathers emphasized brandies as a true apothecary. In the morning, they would clear the throat with their brandies, add a drop or two to fritters or other specialities, and in the afternoon and evening they would use it to heal the soul. The healing power of brandies was well known by our ancestors, and it is no surprise that even today a household in Dalmatia without them would be unthinkable. Regardless of whether these are the usual grape brandies, or brandies made from figs, carob, walnuts or herbs, each of them, according to Croatian writer Siniša Vuković, has its place in the “Dalmatian gospels”. Therefore, in the “poker of the Dalmatian pre-elements” that form the cult that is the konoba today, a fourth gift should also be emphasized – brandies prepared in the traditional way. In the tradition of our cellar, the production of brandies has always been prominent. As such, a new generation of the Boškinac family respects and follows the tradition of their ancestors, and several types of brandies are available today.


Komovica is a basic wine brandy produced from the pomace of our grapes.


Another traditional brandy produced with the addition of the island herbs.


Our very popular fig brandy.


Brandy with the addition of locally produced honey.


Blueberry brandy.

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