You are planning the most important day in your life and you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly? You want the ambient, atmosphere, music and the menu fully tailored according to your needs. Do you want to spend the day completely relaxed? This is the right place for you and that is exactly the scenario you deserve! Let us take care of the planning and organization of your perfect day. Rely on the experienced team of Boškinac hotel and restaurant and make some amazing memories together with your dear guests. First of all, we invite you to book your wedding in a timely manner because – when we organize the wedding – it includes booking all the rooms in the hotel.


The first thing we are discussing is the place in which you will get married. In the neighbourhood of our hotel, about two hundred meters away, there is a small church dedicated to Saint Anton. If you want the wedding near the sea, the other option is Saint Mary church, located about five hundred meters away from the hotel. Both churches are in the perfect accordance with the island ambient that will take you to the romantic times of the past. Besides those two churches, you can have a ceremony in a parish church dedicated to Saint Catherine. You just have to choose the place and inform us about it after which we will take care of everything else. The wedding can be organized any day in the week and we can also provide the service of the priest and registry office.


Afterwards, we will talk about the location of your party, about the ambient in which you want to spend the most beautiful moments with your family and friends. Whether you want the open-air celebration, or you want to spend those hours in one of our interiors, you deserve the full service of our event management team. Our hotel and restaurant staff will make sure that everything looks exactly as you want it. At your disposal, you have our terrace, Boškinac restaurant and the tavern. Experienced designers will take care of the decoration, the music of your choice will accompany the atmosphere and the professional photographer will make sure that every memory of your wedding day looks like a little masterpiece. You will take that day with you from Boškinac exactly like you should – as perfect.


After arranging the details of the interior or exterior design and music, we will discuss the menu which will, without doubt, be another reason for which you, together with your family and friends, will remember the wedding day as magical – for a long time. Tell us what you want – to the tiniest detail. The food will look and taste exactly as you want it. We have several versions of the wedding menu. All of its elements can be changed and adjusted with different ingredients in accordance with our respect towards the fresh and seasonal local ingredients. All versions are envisioned as the courses of the meals: from the cold appetizer to the wedding cake and early-morning cheese snacks with additional deserts. They are delivered by the experienced and professional team of excellently educated and award-winning Boškinac staff team. The quality of the ways in which our well-trained restaurant team attunes the local culinary tradition with modern standards keeps improving day after day.  Likewise, our key motivation – to accord everything we do with your wishes and expectations – also keeps growing. We want to be sure that you will remember your stay with us as perfectly designed – only for you. Delicacy courses are always accompanied by the selection of high-quality wines, sparkling wines and brandies from the Boškinac vinery.


If you are traditional and want to have an intimate party with a small number of guests, you can spend the time after wedding enjoying the courses of meals and wines with your nearest ones on our terrace, in our restaurant or in the tavern. On the other hand, if you want to dance and have fun until the early morning hours, we can offer you an after-midnight party in a collaboration with the beach club Kalypso at Zrće beach. Of course, you can have a party until the early morning in our hotel. We can provide the contact with the local services: the ironing service, hairstyle service, pedicure, manicure, make-up artist’s service and a contact for the florists who will take care of the wedding arrangements. The accommodation for the newly-weds is organized in the most luxurious suite in the hotel. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the place and the arrangement for your wedding party, contact us with full confidence. We will spare you the unnecessary stress and make sure that the most important day in your life, from sunup to sundown, goes perfectly carefree for you and your dearest ones in the top-quality equipped ambient fully aligned with your wishes and expectations.