Boutique hotels are small and stylish luxury hotels. They are sometimes located in the urban environment and sometimes incorporated within the carefully chosen natural surroundings.  The term “luxury hotel” is too wide to absorb this category in a proper manner because, within the broader category of the “luxury hotel”, attribution “boutique” depends on the number of rooms, as well as the size of the whole hotel. In regards to these hotels being of intimate size, sometimes the French word for small (“petite”) is used instead of “boutique”. Sometimes they are referred to as to “small and luxury”. Boutique hotels usually have a consistent and strong brand identity, distinguished attitude toward guests and an undeniably charming aura. Often, when it comes to interior design in the boutique hotels, you will find very creative, alluring and sometimes a bit peculiar interplays of the old and the new. You will recognize them by the very progressive modern and contemporary interpretations of the relevant aspects of tradition and a certain ambition to remain faithful to the local roots when it comes to the construction, but also to finding inspiration for the menu variations. The staff in these hotels is always trained in providing new ways of understanding the richness of local flavours and they are very persistent in that. The guests are usually the people who enjoy creative design and like culinary experiments.


The boldness that you can often find in the interior design with a combination of sometimes disparate elements in amazingly effective compositions is the kind of boldness you will recognize while reading the ingredients on the hotel’s menu and finding out in which interpretations they might appear on your plate. The overall impression is usually the intimate atmosphere with the friendly management and staff who pay a lot of attention to details and to personalized service dependent on the guest’s demands and wishes.

The small scale accommodation, with the rooms and common areas such as lobby or dining zones, creates a homelike atmosphere in which the guests can relax as if they are in their private environment. Besides that, a lot of energy is usually invested in the individual approach to creating the hotel’s identity in the public. Individuality also means not being affiliated with any of the larger hotel chains.


Within the boutique hotel category, Boškinac is special because of several reasons. The first one is the location. Most of the small scale luxury hotels are usually located in the contemporary urban zones within the dynamic city life on very trendy spots. Unlike most of them, Boškinac operates as a sort of intimate resort, as a stone oasis hidden among the vineyards in the productive dialogue with the natural environment of the Pag Island. In this way, we are contributing to the uniqueness and diversity of the tourist offer of this Croatian gem.

Individuality, in our approach to managing hotel and maintaining its reputation, means that we invest a lot of love and patience in the tailored service for our guests based on listening to your needs when it comes to advancing our seasonal menus, rejuvenating our interiors and enriching your stays with us by special offers including wine tasting tours and visits to our vinery.


Gastronomy is another distinguishing feature that boutique hotels are known for. Our approach to culinary adventures is based on the love and respect for the fresh, seasonal and local groceries: fresh fish caught just before the preparation, seafood, local lamb meat, Mediterranean herbs, asparagus and other fresh local vegetables. When it comes to gastro offer, Boškinac is leading Croatian hotel in representing the local cuisine in synergy with the most progressive culinary trends. Experiments in our restaurant’s kitchen always bring new, refreshing and exciting touch to the tastes and aromas that our guests are familiar with. Whether you are more in the mood for something rustically designed and served on our terrace, or you are more interested in trendy and elegant combinations of flavours and ingredients, your choice will always be accompanied by the high-quality selection of the wines, brandies and sparkling wines from Boškinac vinery.


Creativity and high standard in the bold culinary experiments go hand in hand with our understanding of the perfect island ambient. This is a very productive dialogue of the old and the new, of the interior and exterior – always creatively conceived with the overall impression of the charming, personalized and luxury concept. If you are choosing your next weekend retreat, choose a boutique hotel that meets the highest standards when it comes to combining the old and the new, reading tradition in the most innovative ways and paying respect to nature. It is located in the romantic relaxing island ambient, as a hedonist oasis in stone surrounded by vineyards, hidden pathways, old olive trees, peaceful and relaxing landscapes.