Restaurant Boškinac as part of the JRE association

Perfection of flavour is not a myth – perfection of flavour exists and is rewarded with a status recognised by every modern gourmand: membership in the association JRE.

JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs) is an association of young restauranteurs and chefs who want to share their talent and passion for food and delicious meals with the greatest fans of culinary delicacies. The association was established in France in 1974, and today includes more than 350 restaurants and 160 hotels in 16 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Association members take great care regarding the origin and diversity of ingredients, staying true to their identity and tradition, while being open to new challenges in pairing flavours. They support one another in the cooking and creation of unique delicacies, and enjoy bringing people together in the magical experience of food tastings. The slogan ”Talent & Passion” illustrates the art and love for ingredients and specialities that arouses awe and satisfaction among guests.

Membership in the JRE association is reserved for only the most creative restauranteurs and chefs up to the age of 42 years. Once they turn 50, members are awarded honorary status and membership and join JRE’s ‘Table d’Honneur’ (Table of Honour).

Croatian restaurants

An elite group of 13 Croatian restaurants has received the honour of membership: Badi, Bevanda, Boškinac, Draga di Lovrana, Dubravkin put, Foša, Marina, Monte, Pelegrini, Pergola, Plavi podrum, Restaurant 360, San Rocco and Zigante. In order for a restaurant to become a member of this eminent association, they must be listed in the Belgian culinary guides, receive the sponsorship of a minimum of two existing members, be restaurant owners or have a minimum 50% share of ownership, have the desire for gourmet cuisine and active membership, and ensure compliance with European and Belgian legislation and the JRE terms and provisions. Membership in this association brings with it a prestigious status, as an indicator of a premium culinary offer that is sure to amaze guests.

Restaurant Boškinac

Restaurant Boškinac is also a part of the JRE family. In the preparation of the tastiest meals, the restaurant abides by the highest culinary standards. Its creative approach and fresh island ingredients delight tasters time and time again. The pleasure on the face of each guest is the greatest reward, and incentive for Boškinac to introduce novelties to the menu every year. This year’s spring and summer menu offers seasonal ingredients prepared in the traditional way, with a dash of modern flair. Try the lamb carpaccio, Pag lamb, fish stew, tripe, boiled fish soup, octopus, shellfish a la buzara, asparagus soup, dentex, tuna and many other delicacies prepared in an original way in our a la carte menu. There are also the tasting menus, offering five or seven courses, and the lamb testing 11 course menu. A delicious meal is always best served with a premium wine, and the Boškinac wines are the right choice. A novelty in 2017 is the launch of our new Lunch menu served daily from noon to 6 pm, featuring daily specials.

Perfection of flavour exists – come try it at Restaurant Boškinac!

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