As you already know – the new and redesigned hotel Boškinac has recently been opened. It brings us a lot of joy to see the interest it raises in the media. The following list brings several mentions in the past few days.

Babushka doll from Pag: Hommage to the island of the salt, stone and olives in Boškinac”

“Firmly connected to the terroir and tradition rooted and interwoven with the thousands of years old ladies in the Lun olive grows, while playing with time – Boškinac is discovering itself through the plates and the glasses. This interplay is recognized in everything that comes to the table, just like the stones pierced by the Mediterranean sticks or delicate boxes for the salt with the smell of immortelle, ruta graveolens and rosemary.”.

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“Anyone who visits this hotel, winery and restaurant, suddenly stays breathless because the stone edifice surrounded by the thick pine forest, olive grows and the vineyards, truly invites us to enjoy the complete relaxation of the body and soul.”.

…says in the text  “We have visited redesigned hotel Boškinac and enjoyed the menu by the young chef Matija Bregeš”. They are also inviting their readers to read the impressions from their visit to the redesigned interior of the hotel Boškinac. They see it as a place that “perfectly fits into children’s reanimation of the fairy-tale images” and a boutique hotel “with almost unreal energy”.

What is certain is that this is the most beautiful place to stay, rest and dine on Pag. Besides the natural beauty, it offers a very unique and personal philosophy of the authentic island tourism. This family enterprise started in 2000. From this year it offers a possibility for a new experience – even to those who are already used to its beauty.”. This is how Velimir Cindrić, for the portal Iće&piće, writes about Boškinac quoting the people who are the most deserving for the redesign – the owner Boris Šuljić, the architect Ana Penavić, designer and art director Lana Cavar, the artists Sanja Šebalj, Koraljka Kovač and Lidia Boševski. Accordingly, in a text entitled “New Boškinac: embraced by the magic of Pag” he gives a detailed overview of the dinner in the Boškinac cellar with the high-quality wines and new tasting menu.

In the lifestyle and travel category, Buro 24/7 gives a very detailed report on their visit to Boškinac. The text is entitled “Boškinac on Pag – a place you deserve to treat yourself with. After the redesign, it looks truly amazing. And it will offer you some of the best meals in Croatia.”. It follows up with the detailed descriptions of the interior, photos, mesmerizing surroundings and an overview of the tasting menu. As many other itineraries through our oasis – the text concludes with a hope for the new visit to Boškinac.

“Redesigned boutique hotel Boškinac looks really beautiful. We had to find out everything about it.” writes Latica Martinis Filković for and

In their review of our tasting menu by the chef Matija Bregeš, the author of the text “Matija Bregeš, the chef in Boškinac – the star is born” in Hedonist magazine doesn’t have any doubts that in 2020, our JRE sign, will be accompanied by the Michelin star.

Iva Tatić, for Total Croatia News, brings a very thorough and inspired report about her visit to Boškinac, enjoying her stay in our cosy ambient, and the thrill after seeing the interior and tasting the delicacies at dinner in the wine cellar Boškinac entitled “Boškinac Hotel, Restaurant and Winery on Pag Present their 2019 Novelties”.

We are thankful to all the media for supporting our work and recording the details of our redesigned hotel and tasting menu. Thanks to the photographers Dean Duboković and Fabio Šimićev, all the details have been faithfully captured.

See you again in Boškinac!

*If you can’t read the texts in Croatian, here are the links to Google translations for the articles that have been published only in Croatian:
Buro 24/7