Boškinac, we care about the local gastro tradition of Pag and interpret it in a modern and creative way. Our guests are invited to enjoy specialities from the tasting menu, as well as the menu à la carte. Pag is famous for its peculiar vegetation that stubbornly resists often adverse weather conditions. Our restaurant’s staff diligently works on getting the best from the local herbs. The wild plants (fresh or dried) are used to provide specific aromas in different versions of the seafood delicacies. In the meals based on lamb, herbs and meat are combined in harmonious wholes because the sheep use the local vegetation for food.

There are several thousands of different wild herbs that grow on our island. In contact with the sea salt, they provide a special flavour of the famous Pag cheese and lamb because the sheep eat them while they are spending time freely wandering and exploring nature. Some of those plants are used for cooking and some of them are used for medicine. Especially significant local aromatic herbs are sage – that is also used for producing the honey, rosemary, aromatic immortelle, sweet marjoram, bay laurel and thyme. Besides intense aromas, these plants have many health benefits. We also emphasise the need to preserve and protect the local vegetation in the same manner in which we care about the local culinary tradition and winemaking.

Wild asparagus from Pag is included in many variations of meals based on meat, salads, as well as in breakfast combinations with eggs and traditional bakery delicacies. This nutritious wild vegetable, with 300 different varieties all over the world, is also native to our island. Their colour is green, the taste very distinct, somewhat bitter and the stalks quite thick. The flavour goes very well with the olive oil as another recognizable part of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

When it comes to culinary skills, we truly appreciate the authorship. That is why we send our chefs for the internships and education to the most prestigious international restaurants where they acquire the new skills, experience and inspiration for combining the most recent trends with our island heritage. We put a lot of energy into finding new ways of interpreting traditional meals and especially care about seasonal ingredients. For us, culinary skills are – at the same time – art and science. In experimenting and discovering the new ways of reading our tradition, it is very important to be mindful when it comes to the proportions of the ingredients and small details that are combined in harmonious, new and always exciting compositions.